Insurance When You’re Newly Married
May 29, 2019

Marriage changes everything, including insurance needs. Newly married couples should consider a comprehensive review of their current, individual insurance coverage to determine if any changes are in order as well as consider new insurance coverage appropriate to their new life stage. Auto. The good news is that married drivers may be eligible for lower rates …

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Red Flags for Tax Auditors
May 22, 2019

No one wants to see an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) auditor show up at their door. But in 2018, the IRS budget is roughly $1 billion less than it was 8 years ago, down from $12.1 billion in 2010 to $11.2 billion. And even though the number of audits has dropped 40 percent from 2010 …

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Investment Challenges of the Affluent Investor
May 14, 2019

High net worth investors face investment challenges that some would consider unique to their financial status. The fundamental tenets of investing apply just as equally to them as any other investor, but these investors need to be mindful of issues that typically arise only from substantial wealth. Let’s examine a few of these. Being Too …

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Three Key Questions to Answer Before Taking Social Security
May 1, 2019

Social Security may be a critical component of your financial strategy in retirement, so before you begin taking it, you should consider three important questions. The answers may affect whether you make the most of this retirement income source. When to Start? The Social Security Administration gives people a choice on when they decide to …

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Insurance When You’re Young and Single
April 24, 2019

The transition to adulthood is an exciting new stage that marks true independence. You may have graduated from college, taken your first job, even rented your first apartment. With this new freedom comes real responsibilities, including protecting yourself from some of the financial risks that life presents. Auto Once you are no longer covered on …

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Where Will Your Retirement Money Come From?
April 11, 2019

For many people, retirement income may come from a variety of sources. Here’s a quick review of the six main sources: Social Security Social Security is the government-administered retirement income program. Workers become eligible after paying Social Security taxes for 10 years. Benefits are based on each worker’s 35 highest earning years. (If there are …

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Earnings for All Seasons
March 29, 2019

While nature offers four seasons, Wall Street offers only one – four times a year. It’s called “earnings season,” and it can move the markets. So, what is earnings season, and why is it important? Earnings season is the month of the year that follows each calendar quarter-end month (January, April, July, and October). It …

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IRA Withdrawals That Escape the 10% Penalty
March 22, 2019

An IRA, or Individual Retirement Account, is a tax-advantaged account that is subject to special rules regarding contributions and withdrawals. One of the central rules of IRAs is that withdrawals prior to age 59½ are generally subject to a tax penalty. Yet, policymakers acknowledged that extenuating circumstances might require access to these savings. In appreciation …

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Dow, S&P, Nasdaq All Rise
March 19, 2019

The Week on Wall Street The big story last week was the sudden grounding of Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 passenger jets in dozens of countries. The financial effects of this ban could potentially impact the airline industry and segments of the economy for months.[1] While the news created a headwind for the Dow …

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The Investment Risk No One’s Ever Heard Of
March 18, 2019

Knowledgeable investors are aware that investing in the capital markets presents any number of risks – interest-rate risk, company risk, and market risk. Risk is an inseparable companion to the potential for long-term growth. Some of the investment risks we face can be mitigated through diversification.[1] As an investor, you face another, less-known risk for …

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