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Medicare Annual Election Period Is Weeks Away!
September 10, 2018

This year, Beacon Associates is introducing a new review process during the pre-election period to make the re-enrollment process during the Annual Election Period as smooth and seamless as possible.

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Medicare Coverage and Travel
June 26, 2018

In general, health care services you receive while traveling outside the U.S. aren’t covered by Medicare. Because of this, you should consider buying a travel insurance policy that includes health insurance.

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6 Common Retiree Scams
June 15, 2018

Knowing retirees have been careful financial planners, predators tailor their schemes to lure seniors into their trap. Being aware of the following common schemes can keep you protected.

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Medicare Advantage Expanding Health Related Benefits
May 15, 2018

Recently, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services expanded how it defines “primarily health-related” benefits that insurers are allowed to include in their Medicare Advantage policies. Of the 61 million enrolled in Medicare, currently, 20 million people have opted for Medicare Advantage, a privately run alternative to the traditional government program which limits members to a network …

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Don’t Be Scammed!
April 17, 2018

Medicare is in the process of mailing new Medicare cards with a non-Social Security number. The new card is Medicare’s attempt to make seniors less vulnerable to fraud by eliminating the recipient’s Social Security number. Unfortunately, the change has ignited some new scams, specifically targeting seniors.

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Upcoming Medicare Changes
March 23, 2018

A few weeks ago, President Trump signed a budget deal that includes changes to Medicare: Medicare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board has been nixed. It was authorized by the Affordable Care Act to review higher Medicare expenses but no board members were ever named. The rules for Medicare’s Part D drug plans were changed. The coverage gap (or donut hole) …

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Medicare is Mailing New Cards
February 22, 2018

Things to know about the new Medicare cards: Starting in April 2018, Medicare is mailing new cards to all people with Medicare. The new cards will have a new number on them. Currently, your Medicare number is associated to a social security number. The new cards will have a number that is not a social security number. This update …

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We’re Offically Open For Business!
February 5, 2018

We are officially moved into our new location and are open for business! Please update our contact information with our new address but know our emails, fax numbers, and phone numbers are the same.

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Holiday Greetings from Our Family to Yours
December 21, 2017

As the year comes to a close, we take a moment to reflect on 2017 and how blessed we are to work alongside such fantastic people!

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Thank You Veterans
November 13, 2017

To All Veterans Who Have Served Our Country and Defended Our Freedom THANK YOU Beacon Associates is proud to serve veterans and their spouses in their financial planning. We are especially passionate about helping veterans as they apply for deserved benefits through the Improved Pension with Aid and Attendance Benefit program.If you are a veteran and are unsure …

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