A Note to Our Valued Clients & Friends

Beacon Associates has always been dedicated to ensuring a healthy and safe environment for our clients and team. Based upon the recommendations from the CDC and local government agencies, we are taking the following precautions to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are requesting that our clients and their families join in our commitment with ensuring a safe environment through the below actions:


  1. IF you have traveled out of the country since the beginning of March 2020, please contact our office to discuss your appointment or situation. IN ORDER TO PROTECT US AND OUR STAFF, PLEASE DO NOT COME INTO THE OFFICE!
  2. IF you are having symptoms of fever, coughing, or shortness of breath, please contact our office to discuss your appointment or situation. IN ORDER TO PROTECT US AND OUR STAFF, PLEASE DO NOT COME INTO THE OFFICE!
  3. IF you are concerned about traveling to our office for a scheduled appointment, a telephone conference and/or video conference with the Advisor can be arranged. In addition, you may also choose to reschedule your appointment. Call the office to discuss your options.
  4. In-office consultations will still occur but under strict new cleanliness guidelines and procedures as recommended by the CDC (which includes):
    • We respectfully request that you arrive on time for your appointment and we will be strictly adhering to the designated time slots for all scheduled appointments. If you are early, please call the office from the parking lot before entering the building. Our goal is to reduce the number of visitors in the waiting room.
    • If possible, please have only one person accompany you to your appointment. As we are aware of the emotional difficulty that many of the topics we discuss may have, we acknowledge that having the support of a family member or friend is valuable, and that is fine. To ensure that we are exercising the utmost caution; we ask that if you want more than family member or friend to participate in the meeting, arrangements can be made to have them available by telephone. Our teleconferencing capabilities will be able to provide you the support while ensuring the safety of the office environment.
    • While we pride ourselves with the welcoming environment in our reception area, we will temporarily remove any reading materials from our reception area to minimize surface exposures. In addition, to support the CDC’s recommendation of Social Distancing, we will also be refraining from any physical contact, but you can still expect our warm welcoming smiles.

The team at Beacon Associates remains committed to serving our clients and community. Over the upcoming weeks, many of our clients and their families may find themselves in a crisis. If you are experiencing a crisis situation, we are here for you. Please contact us and we will work with you to come up with a flexible plan of action in order to assist you as best as possible.

As seen with the above precautions, we are making every effort to protect the health and well-being of our clients and team while continuing to be a crucial resource for your immediate and long-term legal needs.

With you in mind,
Beacon Associates

Investment advisory and financial planning services offered through Simplicity Wealth, LLC, a SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Sub-advisory services are provided by Advisory Alpha, LLC, a SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Insurance, Consulting and Education services offered through Beacon Associates. Beacon Associates is a separate and unaffiliated entity from Simplicity Wealth, LLC and Advisory Alpha, LLC.