Education Opportunities and Experience Beacon Events

Here at Beacon, we know insurance is confusing and frustrating. Our mission is to remove that confusion through education and consultation sessions. Please see if there is a class that fits your needs or, if you would like to have someone review your specific situation, we are happy to help!

Classes Offered

Don’t Be A Human Ostrich Workshops

Prepare yourself and your family for your retirement years with thoughtful planning (don’t bury your head in the sand until it is too late!).
(Target attendees are those who have retirement to plan or would like to help family members plan their retirement) View Events

Lazy Dollar Workshops

Learn how to keep your dollars working hard for you. There are always new programs available that will help you maintain and grow your nest egg.
(Target attendees are those who have some savings) View Events 

Turning 65 Workshops

When the magic age of 65 comes to you, you need to be ready to make some decisions. Attend this workshops to understand what all they hype is about and how you can best navigate your healthcare choices.
(Target attendees are people 64 and older) View Events