Benefits of a Financial Advisor

Frequently Asked QuestionsMany people approaching retirement, or who are already retired, often wonder if they really need a financial advisor to manage their portfolio. There are numerous benefits to trusting a professional advisor with your future financial plans.

1. They lead with their head, not their heart

Most people can be swayed by family members or friends concerning investment opportunities and financial advice. A financial planner who is removed from the situation and not personally invested in family dynamics can offer you an objective, expert opinion.

2. They reduce your stress

A financial advisor can simplify the choices that will impact your investment portfolio. They will focus on your short and long goals and hold you accountable for your plans. They can also help you avoid costly mistakes by challenging your thinking and directing you to facts.

3.They help maximize tax benefits

A financial advisor can work with your estate planning attorney and accountant to reduce taxes and protect your financial portfolio. Understanding the tax rules of all your accounts can be overwhelming and a trusted advisor can clarify the tax laws to help your nest egg last as long as you need it.

Having a financial advisor who is focused on your goals and interests and is committed to your financial success will make your retirement life more enjoyable. At Beacon Associates, we are excited to share with you the knowledge we have about financial and legacy planning. Call us today!

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