Turn your Lazy Dollars into Strong Dollars
Lazy Dollar Fitness Training Center

Lazy Dollar Fitness Training Center

Welcome to the Lazy Dollars™ Fitness Training Center where you will learn about how to change your lazy dollars into STRONG DOLLARS. It takes only a few minutes and what you will learn will amaze you! Start by watching the video and then calculate your Lazy Dollar value.

1. Start by watching this video!

2. Calculate your Lazy Dollar value!

Enter the value of your CD, Money market, Saving bond or Saving Account money that you have stashed away not working very hard for you. With this tool you can see the potential leverage (strength) you could create with a simple investment shift.

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Step2: Select your Age
Step3: Enter your number of Lazy Dollars
Based on the information you provided, your lazy dollars could become this strong!

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You can build financial strength! Your strong dollar is now working for you: Discretionary Funds, help grandkids with college and leave legacy gifts.