Medicare Annual Election Period Is Weeks Away!

This year, Beacon Associates is introducing a new review process during the pre-election period to make the re-enrollment process during the Annual Election Period as smooth and seamless as possible.

If you are a Beacon Medicare client who is on a Medicare Part D or Part C Plan, please read the following:

1. The Medicare pre-election period runs from October 1 – October 14th and it is during this time that we can see the upcoming 2019 changes but we can’t actually make any changes yet.

2. During this pre-election period, we will be offering 15 minute scheduled phone appointments to discuss the 2019 Medicare options.

3.  By planning ahead and having a phone conversation during the pre-election period, we will review your 2019 Part D & Part C options and then be able to quickly enroll our clients when the Annual Election Period opens on October 15th.


1. Call Beacon today – From TODAY until October 1st, you need to contact Barb Timbrookthe Beacon Client Liaison, at or 419-482-0280 to reserve your 15 minute phone appointment for the weeks of October 1 – October 14th.

2. Have your current medication list on hand – When you call Barb to make your appointment, be prepared to review your current medication list with her.

3. Check the mail – Throughout the month of September, be looking in the mail for your Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) from your current insurance carrier. This notice will explain any changes for the 2019 calendar year that could affect premium amounts, copays, deductibles, pharmacy networks, or formulary.

4. Relax – The Annual Election Period will continue through December 7th so you have time, but we also know those weeks go quickly so we are encouraging you to plan ahead and call today to make your pre-election period appointment.

Presenting Medicare information in a simple, straightforward manner so our clients can make the best health insurance decision possible has always been our goal at Beacon Associates. We believe this new process will help you as you consider your options for 2019.