Press Release: Beacon Associates Launches New Website with Focus on Investment and Insurance Needs based on Age

November 2, 2016, Maumee, Ohio: Beacon Associates, an insurance and investment firm in Maumee, Ohio launches a new website focused on age. At Beacon we regularly speak with customers who wish they had made plans earlier in life for retirement, health insurance, long term care insurance and generally family planning. Recognizing this as an education issue, at Beacon we decided to add an age component to our website.
By searching on the Beacon site based on a specific age group, the user is challenged to think about which financial pieces they have in place already. Often, this prompt will show an area (or several) that may need to be addressed. Like good physical health, financial health needs consistent and careful consideration years before you need it.

Slide From Website

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“At Beacon we understand the first step toward good decision making is education. Looking at our clients’ needs based on their age demographic is something we do all the time. Now, we have extended that insight to our clients. We look forward to continuing to serve the NW Ohio market to help people preserve their assets, protect their health and provide a financial legacy for their children.” Says Steven Wise, founder at Beacon Associates.

About Beacon: Beacon Associates was founded in 2004 as a family-owned business specializing in individual health insurance and retirement investment planning. Our years of experience coupled with our goal to assist our customers in finding the best healthcare coverage and retirement planning investments has become a combination our customers appreciate. Our licensed agents have access to many insurance products which will fit your needs. The investment portfolio is supported through a variety of government benefit and financial product solutions. We are always up to date in the financial changes as new tools are available every day. One unique to our team is the AAWV (American Association for Wartime Veterans) and since then we’ve assisted over 3000 Veterans or their Surviving Spouses in obtaining the improved pension from the VA. Please go to for more information