Times are Changing – But You Don’t Have To!

Common Community Feelings

Good Tuesday morning, I hope you are all safe and well during these trying times. I have attached a link to a Harvard Business Review article I found discussing the stress that comes with these trying times hopefully it will be of comfort. We are all charging ahead in our various roles, making adjustments and changing expectations as we adapt to our new normal. As we continue down this path, we start to feel what is happening, as the excitement of change becomes another day, we feel. This article speaks well to what is happening.

Our Staff may Change, But our Service Remains

Medicare Coverage Clarification

We appreciate your business. Unfortunately, I regret to inform you that our friend and employee Julie Fullerton has decided to move on to another agency. Rhonda Wise, our resident Medicare expert, will be administering your account should you have any questions.

Julie may at some point serviced or even sold you your current Medicare plan. As a result you may receive an email or even a call from Julie asking you to move or change your agent of record from Beacon Associates. While you certainly have the right to make that change we are looking forward to continuing our relationship with you. If you feel the same you can just disregard her communications, your account will remain unchanged and we will continue to serve you as always.

To be clear, if you do nothing, your plan will simply stay as is with Beacon. Please feel free to give us a call to talk this through!

Office Phone: 419-482-0280

Financial and Insurance Concerns

One of the many areas you may be wondering about is your insurance and your financial situations. Rest assured, we are here working for you and happy to answer any questions. Not only has our physical space been changed so much, the financial has as well. We are here for you.

Insurance Update

The Federal Government has requested insurance carriers to waive deductibles and cover COVID-19 related claims . Carriers are assessing the new COVID 19 mandate. We will keep these updates posted to our website for your reference. Beacon has our thumb on the pulse of the carriers and have up to the min information sent to us on a daily basis. If we need to find an answer we certainly can and will. More Information Here. Please call to review your specific insurance coverage as you like.

In the meantime please stay safe and keep the faith.

Steven and Rhonda Wise
The leaders of your Beacon Family

Office Phone: (419) 482-0280