Retirement Planning

retirement-planningAt this point most of you will have sometime of retirement plan in place. If it is a 401K from your employer or a pension plan for your government based career, you likely started thinking of retirement when you got that first paycheck. Now, as you are nearing the actual time of retirement there are many things to review in order to have a smooth financial ride as you start to use your nest egg.

Investment Retirement Planning

All investment retirement planning starts with what you have in place today. We will assess your current financial situation and then set in place a plan to allow for cash liquidity when you need it, we will protect the principal that is your foundation and manage the risk to match your lifestyle and goals. This is accomplished with a meeting with our expert staff at Beacon.

Retirement Planning Courses

Like many things in life, they are more comfortable when we know what we are doing. At Beacon we are excited to share with you the knowledge that we have regarding financial planning for your retirement. Please see our schedule for the next class where you can learn the language and strategy of retirement planning for yourself.

The Process

At Beacon, we know retirement does not take one day, and neither does planning for it. We will assess your current situation through investigation, recommend a plan of action, implement this plan and then review on regular intervals as needed. This allows you to adjust for life’s many changes. Call us to get your retirement on track today!

Before your Appointment