Retirement Planning

retirement-planningAt this point, most of you will have some type of retirement plan in place. If it is a 401K from your employer or a pension plan for your government based career, you likely started thinking of retirement when you got that first paycheck. Now, as you are nearing the actual time of retirement, there are many things to review in order to have a smooth financial ride as you start to use your nest egg.

Investment Retirement Planning

All investment retirement planning starts with what you have in place today. We will assess your current financial situation and then set a plan in place to allow for cash liquidity when you need it. we offer products that can protect the principal that is your foundation and manage the risk to match your lifestyle and goals. This is accomplished with a meeting with our expert staff at Beacon.

Retirement Planning Courses

Like many things in life, they are more comfortable when we know what we are doing. At Beacon we are excited to share with you the knowledge that we have regarding financial planning for your retirement. Please see our schedule for the next class where you can learn the language and strategy of retirement planning for yourself.

The Process

At Beacon, we know retirement does not take one day, and neither does planning for it. We will assess your current situation through investigation, recommend a plan of action, implement this plan and then review on regular intervals as needed. This allows you to adjust for life’s many changes. Call us to get your retirement on track today!

Before your Appointment

Our Focus is on You

Through our partnership with you, our team delivers comprehensive financial planning, holistic investment management, and retirement income strategies. We are dedicated to you every step of the way, providing financial clarity and solutions designed around your priorities and goals.

Our Commitment

Our philosophy is not to simply provide financial services, but to provide partnership and council every step of the way. We seamlessly coordinate the many components of your wealth management plan and are committed to providing financial clarity, solutions, and service that allow you to focus on the things you care about most. One of our greatest strengths is the collaborative team of specialists that we have assembled to serve and support each client. We truly enjoy helping people make smart financial decisions and look forward to learning more about you, your priorities, and your goals.

We are your single point of contact for all of your financial matters.

Our coordinated network results in a unified solution that enables you to focus on what is most important to you.
By overseeing your entire financial picture, we maintain a deep understanding and awareness of your entire financial life to provide you with clarity and simplification.
Our partner organizations combine the credibility of globally-recognized financial firms with local, independent partners working together for you.
Each of our partners has clearly defined roles and responsibilities providing accountability and clarity.

A Strong Network

Simplicity Wealth is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor that provides institutional portfolio management, investment research, and trading services through deep integrations with select advisory practices. Collectively, we oversee an intentionally crafted collection of investment strategies which are carefully selected based on your specific needs and goals. On an ongoing basis, extensive research processes are implemented to re-evaluate the asset selection, asset allocation, and fund managers for each investment strategy.

Our Team of Experts is an established network of professional advisors that provide extensive expertise and seamless coordination across all aspects of your financial life. This may include tax preparers, estate planning attorneys, healthcare specialists, business consultants, bankers and lenders, as well as various other specialists.

We partner with Independent Custodians to provide asset custody and safekeeping services which creates a critical barrier between your funds and any outside party or advisor. The custodian provides you with periodic statements, executes trades, and collects all interest and dividend income owed to you.

A diverse group of globally-recognized Investment Managers are used within each portfolio allocation. The Investment Team “manages the managers,” conducting regular and extensive due diligence, investment research, and rebalancing. The investment managers are carefully selected to maintain an allocation in accordance with the stated portfolio objective. Each financial institution represented in the portfolios offers a distinct investment management team and specialty. This introduces an additional layer of oversight and management within your portfolio.

Credentials & Affiliations

Our diverse team diligently seeks to understand new methods of helping you as the financial services landscape evolves. Through our exclusive subadvisory relationships, your portfolio will be constructed, managed, and monitored by financial professionals that are affiliated with some of the industry’s most prestigious organizations and that hold some of the industry’s most regarded designations.

CFA Institute is a global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for professional excellence in financial analysis and leads the investment profession’s thinking in areas of ethics, capital market integrity, and excellence of practice.
The CFP Board is dedicated to fostering professional standards in personal financial planning through its setting and enforcement of the education, examination, experience, ethics, and other requirements for CFP® certification.
FI360 offers the AIF designation program to financial professionals and promotes a culture of investment fiduciary responsibility through education, technology, support, and leadership.
The Financial Planning Association® (FPA®) is the principal professional organization for CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professionals, educators, financial services providers, and students who seek advancement in a growing, dynamic profession.

We are committed to industry best practices through continued education and professional development.

Core Values


We serve as a fiduciary at all times and for all aspects of our relationship. Although our recommendations need to be suitable for your situation, we are held to a higher standard and must always act in your best interests.


We typically are not compensated by commissions but rather, we charge a fee for our services. We strive to remove any conflicts of interest and provide the best advice possible regardless of compensation.


We diligently serve as your comprehensive financial planner with clearly-defined and easy-to-understand responsibilities.


We bring an independent perspective to help avoid emotionally driven financial decisions.


We are not owned by any other entity and seek to implement the best possible solutions for our clients.


We help you anticipate and prepare for the evolution of your financial plan including even those unanticipated transitions.


We will help bring order and simplification to your financial life.


We work collectively with you, not just for you.


We will help you follow through on your financial plan, decisions, and commitments.


We are responsible for finding the strategies and insight needed to help your financial plan succeed.