3 Steps to Financial Health in Your Retirement Years!

1) Attend the “Don’t Be a Human Ostrich Class” at Beacon Associates  (next class January 19th)

2) Schedule a portfolio and will review session with Steven and his team.

3)  Make adjustments as needed.

The Hanson family * lost $500,000 over 6 short years because they avoided retirement planning until it was too late.  This does not have to be your story!

The Hanson family did not know what their health insurance, medical supplemental insurance, Medicare and Medicaid did not cover. You and your family have the opportunity to educate yourselves on the financial strategies and current insurance resources that will enable you to preserve your lifestyle, protect your assets and provide a financial legacy.

We offer additional classes including a class specific to veterans benefits and social security maximization. They are all informative and useful. The Human Ostrich is the most comprehensive.

We look forward to seeing you at our next session!

You Team at Beacon

*Not an actual Beacon client, but the situation is similar to that faced by many of the people with which we interact.