Caregiving Considerations

Every child has heard their parent say, “Don’t put me in a nursing home!” As noble as it is to honor that request, the reality of providing care to an aging loved one in their home can be demanding.

It is wise to be proactive and have a discussion with an elderly parent about their wishes and your role in providing care before you make promises you are unable to keep. When considering the role of a caregiver,  first evaluate your current life season, your schedule and its demands, and your own health.

Coordinating another person’s medical providers, insurance company, and medications, as well as maintaining an additional home, yard, and personal belongings can be taxing to the strongest and healthiest person. In addition, it can be overwhelming to be a senior’s sole source for social and recreation needs.

Have a conversation today!

  • Can I be the primary care giver for medical and social needs, as well as daily housework?
  • As additional needs arise, what is the cost of in-home help?
  • How will caregiving affect my current family/lifestyle?
  • How will I make time for myself?
  • Who could help me when I need to take a break?
  • What community and support groups are available?

We are here to support you and your family. Please contact us for an appointment if you would like to review your financial planning and learn about long term care investment options.  The upcoming class called “Don’t Be a Human Ostrich” is an excellent course to learn about long term planning. (see side bar)

Your Team at Beacon.