My Spouse is Without Health Care Insurance, When Does He or She Qualify For Medicare?

You need to work and pay taxes for at least 10 years to qualify for premium-free Medicare Part A coverage (hospital insurance) when you turn 65. Based on your work record, your spouse who is without health care insurance may qualify when he or she turns 65.

NOTE: Whether or not you are still working, when you turn 65 it is critical to review your enrollment status.

If Your Spouse is Younger

If you are working, your employer may offer coverage for your younger spouse, who is without health care insurance. If this is not an option, your younger spouse may buy individual coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace in your state until he or she turns 65.

If Your Spouse is Older

If your 65-year-old spouse is covered by your employer health insurance, he or she may want to enroll in Medicare Part A until you retire or your employer coverage ends. Part B can be added later without penalty as long as your employer coverage is creditable, which means the benefits have to be at least as good as what Medicare provides and your employer has to have 20 or more employees.

Information collected from Medicare Coverage for Non Working Spouses 

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